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Balchik and Kaliakra

Balchik and Kaliakra

Cape Kaliakra and Botanic garden with Summer Residence of Romanian princes

Morning departure.
Drive along the seaside to Cape Kaliakra - the site of dramatic events over the centuries. Visit the fortress of Kaliakra and photo break, visit a pottery workshop.

Tour info:
Cape Kaliakra - one of the most fascinating places on the seacoast. According to the local legend 40 Bulgarian girls, the only survivors after the Turkish attack, plaited together their long hair, held their hands and jumped into the sea from the high cliffs to run from the Turks.

Lunch breack.
Deaprture to Balchik - a visit to the Botanical Garden and the Summer Residence of the Romanian queen Maria, known as "The Quiet nest ".

Tour info:
Botanic garden occupies 35 ha. There can be found over 3000 varieties of shrubs, roses and flowers, set amongst streams, waterfalls and ornamental channels. The park is famous for its Cactus collection, which is the second largest in Europe with over 250 kinds of species.
The magnificent park surrounds the summer palace of the former Romanian queen Maria. It has striking effect on the visitor for its unique romantic design and atmosphere. The alleys in the park will lead you to the world's only palace with a minaret and a dome of a Christian church, a marble throne brought over from Florence, the Bridge of Sights, large earthen jars from Morocco, a deep draw well in a Mediterranean style, and a pool, combining the Roman with the Moorish style in decorative art. A legend says that Queen Maria was so strongly attracted to this palace that she wished to remain here even after her death.

Free time for a review.
Late afternoon arrival.

Botanical Garden - Balchik

    It is a site much visited by tourists. Moreover, it is a Monument of Culture, a protected area under PAA (the Protected Areas Act) and a Washington Convention Rescue Center.

Kaliakra Archaeological Reserve

    Cape Kaliakra and the architectural reserve on its territory are located 12 km southeast of Kavarna. It is an oblong, narrowing rocky peninsula that juts out about 2 km into the sea.


    Balchik is situated in the north-east part of the Bulgarian Black Sea shore, 40 km from Varna and 20 km from Kavarna. Balchik is situated on the sea shore, in a region with moderate continental climate.


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