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Day Trip

Rose valley

Rose valley

8 hours trip

5 wine tasting

lunch included

129 euro per person

"Rose valley" is a full day in your language in the land of damascena rose - one of the Bulgarian symbols. Meeting with a "nose" and rose products tasting. Tour in rose essential oil distillery. Tasting at a winery of wine from native vines. The new taste of the old Europe. A complete day all in flavor and softness for a couple or with friends.

"Rose valley". Meeting at the Tourist Information Center in the pedestrian street of Plovdiv and departure for the rose valley. Between the balkan an the Sredna Gora lie endless fields, covered with roses in spring, whose essential oil is more expensive than gold. Visit of a rotunda-shaped cellar with unique acoustics. Tasting of the lord of the Bulgarian wines - the Misket of Karlovo. Bunches of dense grains that become rosy when ripen. Tasting of another Bulgarian variety - Dimyat - the most planted white variety in Bulgaria. Lunch at a rose park where you will learn all about damascena rose. Return passing over the Linden city, the Thracian plain spred with tumulus for a stop at a Thracian tomb. Arrival in Plovdiv in the late afternoon.

Kazanlak Tomb

    An original Thracian tomb from 4th – 3rd century BC is situated in the Tyulbeto park. It is known as the Kazanlak Tomb. It is under a special storage regime. Its duplicate, constructed in scale 1:1

Old Town - Plovdiv

    Ancient Plovdiv Architectural Reserve is a well-preserved complex where on a relatively small area visitors can take walks through different historical ages, see ancient buildings adapted to the modern way of life.


    The town of Kazanlak is located in the center of Bulgaria, in the western part of the Kazanlak basin. Kazanlak is the center of the Valley of the Roses, the home of the Thracian kings, and an attractive tourist destination.

Plovdiv City

    The town in its present appearance was built around seven hills – the hills of Plovdiv (Plovdiv Tepes) which are an inseparable part of the city's history. Plovdiv is one of the oldest cities in Europe.

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